The IntelliPlug will save you time, energy and money at home and the office.

When using a desktop computer there are many extra peripherals that are used conjunctively with it (screen, printer, scanner etc.) The technology behind the IntelliPlug automatically switches off all peripherals when the computer is turned off and likewise turns them all on when the computer is re-booted. The IntelliPlug will instantly save standby losses that are consumed by the standby currents through all of these devices.

The IntelliPlug is simple to use, simply plug the computer into the master socket of the plug and the other devices into the two further sockets. If more sockets are required you can plug in a four plug extension lead.

With the IntelliPlug you need not worry about your printer/scanner. Unlike a manual master socket at the wall which requires once having turned the computer off, waiting a period of time for everything to shut down before manually switching it off at the wall, the IntelliPlug will automatically switch everything off.

The IntelliPlug has a built in timer so that when the computer is turned on there is a 5 second delay before powering the other devices and equally when you turn it off there is another 5 second delay. This timer allows the peripheral devices to perform their own shutdown operations that are sometimes required.

This product has been proven very effective in office environments where employees in the past would simply leave their desk having turned off their computer, leaving everything else. Considering in an office where there is a vast amount of equipment a lot of energy would be lost. The IntelliPlug would also be beneficial for a computer domestically and is one of the easy ways to save money at home.