The need to know behind energy efficiency and how to be energy efficient

Energy efficiency is a way in which you achieve a result, such as the lights in a house, the house is lit but by using less energy. Energy efficiency can be described as smaller scale things, such as switching off lights to the more energy efficient such as fridges and computers. This then leads to the question of what is the difference between energy efficiency and energy saving? Energy efficiency is just an aspect of energy saving, by being energy efficient it leads to energy savings.

Being energy efficient has a major role to play in cutting green house emissions which links to climate change. The International Energy Agency believe that improvements in becoming energy efficient would lead to a 65% reduction in emissions. Energy efficiency is placed at the centre of recommendations in meeting UK targets of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050.

In regards to the money that could be saved through energy efficiency, the Carbon Trust claims that businesses could save 10% in energy costs by just turning off computer equipment over night.

Being energy efficient in the home can equate to a vast amount of savings, mainly applicable to electrical appliances and heating. As well as energy efficiency measures that can be installed such as loft and wall insulations and fitting energy efficient bulbs; there are many energy efficient products that can be bought. Visit Energy Switcheroo’s online shop for the latest products to help your home become energy efficient.