The offshore wind strategy that could aid in a dramatic economic boost for the UK

According to Nick Clegg the Deputy Prime Minister, the UK Governments offshore wind strategy could open up £7 billion of investment for the renewable energy industry.

On a recent visit that officially opened the Lincs wind farm off the coast of Lincolnshire, Nick Clegg “unveiled £20 million from the Regional Growth Fund to help expand the supply chain”. He also stated that £46 million of funding over 5 years would supply the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult Centre, designed to combine academia, business and government projects. These investments should help create 30,000 jobs in the industry.

It is said that Britain has the most offshore wind power, when compared to the rest of the world combined. Clegg follows stating “as an island nation, and with our weather, the UK is ideally placed to make the most of offshore wind energy – you could say it was a technology designed for us.”

If as a country we utilise the offshore wind power properly and harness it, it would provide an extensive amount of the energy that could light homes and power the economy.

The CBI Director for Business Environment, Rhian Kelly said “The UK has one of the most ambitious forward programmes for offshore wind in the world” therefore it is necessary to reinforce domestic supply chains to get the most value.

The strategy is a plan for the creation of green collar jobs, (workers seeking jobs in environmentally friendly positions) and as long as the recommendations are fully applied it “will ensure that Britain reaps the once in a lifetime benefits offered by our world leading offshore wind sector.”