The Queen hit by the rising energy prices and sees a £1 million rise to her bills

The Queen could be forced to spend an astronomical £50 million on repairs to the 77,000 square metres of Palace, which is struggling to be heated by the sixty-year-old boiler. Obviously it is not just the general public whose household bills have risen, the Queen has seen her energy bills rise by 50% in the last 12 months and they have now reached £3.1 million.

Thermal images of the palace show the amount of heat loss from several crevices of the palace. It is now understandable that in 2009 the Royal Estate was found to be the worst energy polluting building in the whole of London.

Last winter the heating was turned up so that the Queen, Prince Philip and fellow senior royals would not suffer from the harsh winter. Therefore this led to the £1 million rise in their bills as it was made evident that they used 14% more gas equating to 24.4 million kWh of gas used.

Officials at the Commons are now questioning the senior officials at Buckingham Palace over the spending of public money. It is said that the Queen is going to receive a 22% pay rise over the next two years, receiving £37.9 million from 2014-2015 to run her estate and to undertake her official engagements.

Less than 40% of the estate is not at an appropriate condition and the cost of replenishing it would cost more than £50 million. Just replacing the sixty-year-old boiler will cost £1 million and is expected to be done in the next 3-5 years.

Just as general households should follow heat saving and energy efficiency tips this winter, maybe the Queen should do the same! Visit Energy Switcheroo for help.