The remote that requires no batteries

Running out of batteries can be a burden to anyone these days; more or less all technological items require batteries whether they are AA, AAA, C or D. However the new wind up universal remote control means you never have to worry about batteries again. This EZ Power Wind Up Remote simply requires you to wind up the remote 30 times to last for a charge of 7 days.

This innovative EZ power remote can control up to 6 audio-visual devices including a TV, DVD, SAT, cable and AUX. Due to the fact it can control several devices you are saving electrical energy not just on one remote but also up to 6 remotes. It is powered by an internal battery that when you turn the jog shuttle mechanism on the face of the remote 30 times it powers it up.

Did you know that around 20,000 tones of batteries are discarded as waste in the UK every year which equals to around 700 million batteries and only 2% of these batteries are recycled, the rest being disposed of in landfills. Batteries cause a fundamental concern on the environment as most batteries contain heavy metals which when disposed of incorrectly (usually the case), the heavy metals can leak into the ground when corrosion occurs. This is a massive contribution to soil and water pollution affecting the environment and wildlife.

The EZ Power wind up remote can be purchased from the Energy switcheroo shop and is guaranteed to save money on unnecessary batteries.