The role energy-saving gadgets play in reducing energy consumption

As statistics show energy consumption in the EU has fallen to levels last seen 20 years ago. Energy Switcheroo discusses the role energy-saving gadgets and devices play in reducing energy consumption.

Why do we need energy saving gadgets?

The UK is one of the least dependent in Europe on imports of energy fuels, partly supported by its offshore fossil fuel supplies, leaving around 46.4% of basic energy being purchased abroad.

However, in time that will increase, as we use up our natural dwindling supplies. It is therefore imperative that we also seek ways that can reduce usage of energy, not only in industrial and commercial sectors, but within each and every household, and on a daily basis.

The classic example of a mass change for the best has been the replacement of the old light bulb by light emitting diode or fluorescent bulbs right across Europe. Consult our online shop for special packs of CFL bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs use only about a quarter of the capacity of an old fashioned bulb and last up to 25,000 hours. In 2013 home consumption of electricity was down 9%, quite a turnaround in what had previously been an ever increasing demand.

The role gadgets should play to reduce energy consumption

As one-off gadgets, items are not on their own going to save you much energy consumption. However, a policy of replacing where and when you can within the home, with a more effective form that uses less, will cumulatively reduce usage considerably.

  • Any gadget capable of keeping water hot over two hours would save serious money over a year’s use. We use blankets over our boilers, but our pans and kettles lose their heat quickly. What about a combination of thermos flask and kettle, the double-skin keeps boiled water warm for much longer than conventional kettles meaning it has to do less “work” to bring water back to boiling.
  • The haybox method did manage to heat stews, almost without the use of an oven but now we can heat food using just recycled polystyrene beads. This may not be for everyday use, but really handy for the impoverished student trying to save money.
  • Door and window draught excluders have always been a useful way to cut escaping heat and stop the cold getting in. For their price they are probably one of the best things you can fit. However, much like silver foil behind the radiators many people feel they are not things that add much appeal to the decor. Replacing the old letterbox with a free-standing external letterbox should be another cheap and sensible solution to draughts.
  • You can get solar panel gadgets that will re-charge your i-pads, mobile phones and tablets.
  • Automatic snooze gadgets – see our Standby/shutdown – to put electrical items to sleep whilst not in use, are well worth considering, especially if you are in the habit of leaving things on.
  • Sensor switches should be an integral part of any home. Outside to control the security lighting and inside to switch off unneeded lights. Just think how much electricity is saved by having solar powered lights in your garden rather than a set of bulbs connected to the mains.
  • There are several novelty gadgets that on the surface seem trivial, such as clocks run by water, wind up radios and torches, but even these will make small savings over the year.

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