The worlds most energy efficient LED light

Philips has developed “the world’s most energy-efficient” LED lamp.

According to Philips their new prototype tube lighting LED is twice as efficient as current models used in offices and offers the same level of light. This answers one of the major concerns businesses have had with LED lighting in the past. Businesses have always worried whether the amount of light given off by an LED is comparible to the less energy efficient bulbs that they would be replacing.

Rene van Schooten, the chief executive of light source and electronics and Philips said: “This is a major breakthrough in LED lighting and will further drive the transformation of the lighting industry. It’s exciting to imagine the massive energy and cost savings it will bring to our planet …” (BBC News, 11/04/2013)

Tube lighting accounts for more than half the world’s lighting fixtures and is used in most offices and places of work. With this new technology business energy bills around the globe could be dramatically reduced.

Philips have not stated a price or a definite release date but expect the tubes to be available in 2015 and cost not much more than existing LED tube lights. Philips ultimate plan is for tubes like these to replace existing domestic lights in aid of helping consumers cut the cost of average electricity bills.

Energy Switcheroo energy efficient facts:

Lighting accounts for more than 19% of the world’s electricity consumption!

LED light bulbs are more energy efficient because less energy is lost through heat!