There are around 140,000 homes without power as St Jude storm takes its toll.

Thousands of people have been affected by the Atlantic storm known as St Jude, which has affected power, rail and transport across the UK. Gusts of wind reached a staggering 99mph in the Isle of Wight, and mid 70s in populous areas, such as Somerset.

Tracy Elsey from UK Power Networks explained how 40,000 homes were without power in the regions of Brighton to Kent, with 100,000 homes without power on the East coast, from Essex to North Norfolk.

The power lines have been inactive due to falling trees in the wind and other debris disrupting the overhead lines last night.

The majority of the rail companies in the South of England have been suspended till this morning, many of which will not start operating till 9am. Network Rail staff have been expecting the tracks and found more than 100 trees have fallen and have cleared approximately 40 of the track blockages. Heathrow airport have canceled nearly 130 flights with Gatwick airport doing the same.

What to do if strong winds cause a power cut

Energy companies across the South of England are ensuring there are extra staff on duty to deal with possible power cuts due to St Jude.

• Keep fridges and freezers closed, they can stay cold for up to 15 hours

• Ensure you have spare batteries

• Dress warmly in layers of clothes.

• Switch off all electrical equipment except one light so you know when power is restored.\