Tips on switching dual energy supplier quickly and efficiently

Swapping dual energy supplier need not be time-consuming or difficult. Take a look at the following advice on how to switch dual supplier quickly and efficiently.

How to switch energy suppliers

You do not have to worry about arranging a change of energy supplier yourself, with a few simple steps you can arrange for a specialist company such as Energy Switcheroo to do it, and present you with the best tariffs available.

Steps to change your energy supplier

  • Tell your switching company how much you are presently paying for your energy needs, and with whom.
  • Compare the information provided from our online comparison tool that searches every major supplier, to see which tariff would suit your needs. It would be handy to have passed billing information to hand.
  • Complete an easy to understand application form, and wait for Energy Switcheroo to do the rest for you. They operate in accordance with the Confidence Code and can be trusted as a supply of regularly updated information, when you are considering many different tariffs.

Why switch energy suppliers?

Many people never switch their energy supplier, some may even be unaware that you can, assuming that whoever they have, is who they have to stick with. The reality is that you can easily change and even change again, as costs and savings dictate.

Recently the news has been full of comments from government ministers demanding that the big six energy companies reduce their tariffs in the light of the drop in worldwide fuel costs. These companies have been accused of keeping considerable profits and not passing them on to the public.

Wholesale energy prices plunged and we saw petrol prices drop considerably, yet home energy bills hardly changed. In fact, until recently, standard energy prices only dropped by 2.5pc. With the willingness of smaller energy companies to offer lower tariffs, the playing field is wide open for people to choose a supplier that can offer them the best deal.

The Power to Switch campaign, initiated by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), shows that £38m was recouped by some 130,000 homes that switched just in the first couple of months of this year. The campaign was intended to motivate home owners to shop for better deals, just as they would for most other products.

Simply changing the way you pay could also save you a significant amount of money. Monthly direct debit could save you up to £100 annually, over those who pay by cash or cheque.

How much can you save?

It will very much depend on your individual energy usage, however many people are able to save several hundred pounds a year on their home heating bills.

Do I have to be a home owner?

You are within your rights to suggest lower tariffs to your landlord; it will benefit them just as much.

Can I change tariffs more than once?

Yes, it is quite possible to switch more than once, if it results is a substantial saving.

What about fixed term contracts?

If you have an existing fixed term contract you will have a period up to 49 days before it ends to consider if you really want to switch. They should let you know of any revised tariff details, should you stay with them. If you switch it should be without any termination fees and you can’t be automatically given a new fixed term contract without your consent.

How long does it take?

The process normally takes around 3 to 4 weeks, after a 14 day cooling-off period in which you can alter your intention.