Trust consumers have towards energy companies is toppling over

With recent news having been bombarded with the energy price rise debate, it is no wonder that the trust consumers have for energy companies has fallen. A mere one in seven people trust their energy companies to act in their best interest. Around 60% of consumers do not trust their energy companies at all, meaning that it is the most untrusted in the whole of the consumer industry sector, compared to train companies, car salesmen and banking, at 27%, 55% and 33%.

A staggering 84% of people are concerned about energy prices, making this the lowest figure it has been since the Consumer Insight Tracker launched last year by Which? The concern for energy prices is no surprise after four of the Big Six have upped their prices this winter, with the others expected to follow.

The current Energy Secretary Ed Davey has said he will ensure that the process of switching energy suppliers is simple for consumers, and there will be an annual check to make sure there is competitiveness. The amount of people worrying about their energy bills has risen drastically and the trust in these companies has crashed.

A further piece of research Which? Undertook outlines that 70% of bill payers cut down on their heating to lower energy costs, with 43% believing that they could get into debt because of the price rises.

It is now imperative that energy companies rebuild the trust that is lacking and improve customer service.

Energy companies have been trying to put clarity into energy bills and trying to make the switching process easier for consumers. There is a lot of help available to consumers this winter, so no one should be afraid to turn the heating on.  For further advice visit Energy Switcheroo.