What would you buy with £410?

£410 is the average savings consumers make when they switch dual fuel supplier with Energy Switcheroo. From saving for a new car to spending money for a holiday, we look at five things we could spend £410 on….?

A holiday, totally paid for on the saving you will make from switching energy suppliers. A quick internet scan for holidays revealed these three temping offers all under £500, and there are lots more.

  • Dordogne, with opportunities for canoeing, cycling and visiting castles and caves.
  • Eco-resort at the foot of the High Tatra Mountains, with indoor and outdoor pools, toboggan slides and spa areas.
  • Villas in Costa de la Luz and also in Tuscany for under £400.

All you have to do is calculate your energy savings and pop the amount in a tin, bingo!

Buying that special present

Have you wanted to buy someone a very special present, but never had the spare cash. Save a bit each month and make that dream possible. Christmas presents may be another option, but one very, very special gift coming un-announced, will remain in that persons memory for years. Why should the energy companies take your money, when they could have been charging you less?

Help to repair your car, or save towards a new one

Every penny counts and there is no reason why you should just give money away that could be spent on important items like your car. Energy Switcheroo can help you save money that would otherwise be lost. It is not hard to swap energy suppliers, some 3.3 million customers did it last year in the UK.

Buy something for the home with the money you saved

Do you need a new washing machine, TV, cooker or computer? Over four hundred pounds would go a long way to helping you replace your old component. It could also help you repair something that you need, but could not afford to get fixed.

Spend it on yourself

Okay, so you don’t want a ‘free’ holiday, new car or something for the home and there is nobody you want to lavish presents on, so why not buy yourself something?

Do you need a new set of golf clubs, a new hair style or makeover, more tracks for your extensive model railway set-up. Or what about something for the garden? A pair of comfortable patio chairs or a water feature?

The ideas are endless, so stop throwing money away and at least consider looking into switching your energy supplier, if they are not providing a competitive service compared to other suppliers. The big six companies have had it their own way for a long time, but things are changing, and healthier tariffs are now available often from smaller more customer-orientated companies.

Take the advice of Energy Switcheroo and start saving.