Why energy customers have been advised to shop around

The period of fixed electric and gas tariffs implemented by a number of suppliers is about to end. It is important that if you have an agreement with any of the following suppliers that you check and re-negotiate tariffs, if you wish to avoid paying up to £317 a year more, in the worst case scenario.

However, there are some cases where you may actually get a reduced bill. Even if you think you are not enrolled in a fixed tariff with British Gas, Flow Energy, Sainsbury’s Energy, EDF, iSave, First Utlity or Npower, it would be wise to check. The process will automatically change the present agreement, over to a standard tariff. It will depend a lot on the individual cost of each supplier’s charges, but it is considered that an average household will expect an increase of 8.14% to their annual charges.

Certain areas will be pricier than others. For example, those living in the Norweb region may find themselves particularly affected. Manchester comes under this area, and could expect to be surprised by a 24% rise from supplier’s iSave, when switched to their standard tariff.

Other suppliers will vary; EDF customers who use their Blue plus promise will find an increase of about £105 a year, which is 10% when switched to a standard tariff.

On the good side, some customers on the following tariffs could see an average 4.5% drop in their bills. However, consumers are being advised to shop around, as you are likely to find better offers as standard tariffs generally do not give good value. Fixed tariffs on the other hand have proved popular, but you must be aware of the end date.

Just because a supplier seems to be about to charge more by swapping your agreement, do not discount them. It may be as simple changing to another of their deals.

Many people believe that you have to remain with the main provider in your area, but this is not true. You do not have to stick to the supplier you are now using; it is even quite possible to change on a more regular basis. Check that there are no penalty clauses for leaving a fixed agreement before its due date.

There are suppliers at the moment that offer fixed deals that average less than £900 a year for a normal household. In these days when money is a big issue with many households struggling to cope on a tight budget, any energy saving is worth looking into.

One of the best courses of action would be to allow a comparison site such as Energy Switcheroo search out what is best for you, across the whole spectrum of suppliers, and their offers. Energy Switcheroo has a customer commitment policy, to bring you all the latest energy information and to guide you to all the best deals available.