Why is it important energy switching sites compare a range of energy companies?

From Scottish Power to Eon, SSE to Sainsbury’s Energy, Energy Switcheroo compares all the major energy suppliers. With some switching sites criticised for failing to compare the whole of the market, take a look at some of the reasons it is important to compare a wide range of energy suppliers.

Representatives of several major comparison sites have openly admitted that they can make between, £30 to £60 pounds, every time a household decides to switch energy suppliers with them. This is not a problem, if the consumer also makes a saving by switching, and these companies understandably have to operate at a profit like any other business.

Tim Yeo Chair of the Energy and Climate Change Committee says:

“Consumers trust price comparison services to help them switch to the best energy deals available on the market. We have no objection to commission being paid by suppliers to price comparison websites as long as the arrangements are clearly disclosed.”

The biggest complaint from consumers was the fact that often the best deals are not obviously displayed, hidden in extra option sub headings, because they attract less commission from the energy suppliers, to the switching company.

A Government report from The Energy and Climate Change Committee has indicated that in some cases consumers should be compensated. In the interest of fair practice, many switching sites have now changed their language and default settings, making it easier for customers to see the complete range of offers.

Why it is important to compare energy companies.

  • By looking at a range of energy supply tariffs, you will get a better understanding of what is available. It will give you a clearer picture of the range and types, and prevent you missing out on the one that would be best for you.
  • The divide between tariffs can be enormous, over the course of a year; a household could save up to £400 by switching. This would allow over a period of time, for spending on a new efficient boiler, help towards double glazing or even cavity wall insulation. Keep in mind there are often grants that will help with these type of expenditures.
  • If you are considering switching, don’t do it by phone unless you do not have a computer. On-line will give you a better chance to think and consider, and you won’t miss out on the best deals. The internet options are also covered by a voluntary code of practice, which does not always apply to telesales. Ofgem suggests that companies apply the Confidence Codeequally to online and telesales operations, as well as face-to-face sales.
  • Ofgem is proposing that the energy industry advances towards a reliable system of next day switching by the year 2019. It has confidence that switching remains a very good way of controlling individual’s energy bills. A Department of Energy and Climate Change spokesman said: ‘Millions of pounds have been saved by using price comparison sites to switch, people can make sure they find the best energy deal available.”
  • Energy tariff prices are constantly changing, the suppliers battling between themselves to attract customers. If you are shrewd then it is possible to take advantage by reviewing deals even every 6 months or a year to ensure the cheapest offer. This can be done as many times as you like, and is important with domestic energy bills on the rise.

Energy Switcheroo provides honest energy comparison services working with customers rather than suppliers. There is no direct affiliation with the energy suppliers. If you are considering comparing energy prices or require help and advice then consider contacting us. We have an easy to use service to help you, so start saving serious money now, particularly if you have not done it before. Staying with the same supplier for many years may have cost you a lot of money, don’t be in the dark any longer.