Will the other energy companies follow suit to SSE’s price increase?

SSE has just announced an 8.2% increase in domestic utility bills, which means consumer groups are concerned that other major energy suppliers will follow in suit. SSE stated that the average annual dual fuel energy bills would rise by £106, increasing the bill to £1,380 on 15th November. This price rise will affect approximately 4.4 million homeowners for electricity and 2.9 million homeowners for gas.

Industry experts have described this move as the end to affordable energy, but SSE feel the change in costs was out of their control, resulting in political debate as to who to blame.

Many are now expecting several energy firms to increase, but Citizens Advice has requested that the other energy firms hold off and freeze their prices. With news about people already taking out loans to support themselves financially due to the price hikes, the Citizens Advice chief executive Gillian Guy, hopes that the energy firms are sympathetic towards consumers already with stretched budgets and the financial situation people are in this winter.

8.2% was an average for the UK, as the North of England and central Scotland would see a smaller increase of just 7% for their dual fuel price, and customers in the South East of England would see the biggest increase of 9.7%.

The political world have been sent into a frenzy, Labour leader’s Ed Miliband has pledged to freeze prices and described SSE’s price hike as “scandal” and feels that the government are allowing energy companies to do what they want.

It is now vital that customers see if they can switch energy suppliers via www.energyswitcheroo.com in order to save money on their average household energy bills. This will mean that during the price hikes to come, customers know they are getting the best deal possible.